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How to extend the battery life of electric vehicles?

Issuing time:2018-04-17 14:15

Forthe life of electric bicycle batteries, many people will be very entangled: Howlong can a group of electric vehicle batteries (that is, batteries) last? Whydo some people's batteries last 2-3 years, and some people's batteries arescrapped in less than a year? How long is the life of an electric car battery?Generally speaking, lead batteries used in electric bicycles are consumables,and their service life is only 1.5-2.5 years. The length of life has a greatrelationship with the daily use and maintenance of users.

Howto extend the battery life of electric vehicles

Forbattery and charging considerations, we fall into two categories: absolutelynot allowed (prohibited) and preferably not (recommended):


1.It is strictly forbidden to short the positive and negative terminals of thebattery.

2.It is forbidden to charge when the undervoltage protection circuit is usedfrequently.

3.It is forbidden to unplug the charger's power supply to use the electricvehicle when it is not fully charged.

4,prohibiting idle time is too long (not more than three days, and the remainingpower should be greater than 40%), prohibiting loss of electricity storage

5.If you have not turned the lamp after 10 hours of continuous charging, stopcharging immediately and check if the temperature of the battery is hot. If youwill, you should send it as soon as possible. If you can't send it to youimmediately, you should control the total charging time to not exceed 8 hours,otherwise the battery will be damaged due to expansion deformation.

Thereare three reasons for not turning the light:

One:the charger parameters do not match, resulting in drift;

Second:the line problem;

Three:It is the battery factor: water loss, there is a single short circuit insidethe battery, and the vulcanization is more serious.


1.Check if the charger is damaged, and whether the charging parameters meet therequirements (some people use a 48V charger to charge the 36V battery pack) tosee if the voltage is high (14.8V/s or more) or the turbulent switching currentis low.

2.Check if the charging circuit fuse is in good contact, if there is any burntmark on the fuse holder, check if the connection of the connector is good, andthe socket on the car that contains the plug of the charger.

3.Check if there is any dryness inside the battery, that is, if the battery isshort of liquid. The dry battery should be supplemented with pure water or1.05g/cm3 of dilute sulfuric acid for maintenance and charging and repair, andthe single cell voltage should be measured to see if there is a single shortcircuit.

4.Also check the plate for irreversible sulfation. If the vulcanization is severe,the internal resistance will increase and the charging will cause severe fever.

5.The irreversible sulfation of the plate can be determined by measuring thechange of the terminal voltage by charge and discharge. When charging, thevoltage of the battery rises particularly fast, some single cell voltages areparticularly high, and the voltage drops particularly rapidly during discharge.When the above situation occurs, it can be judged that the battery isirreversibly sulfated. If irreversible sulfation is found, a balanced chargingmethod should be performed for repair.

6,the maximum discharge current of the battery is prohibited to exceed the ratedcapacity of 150%, that is, if it is a 6-DZM-10 (often said 12AH battery)battery, its maximum discharge current is 10 × 150% = 15A, if It is a 6-DZM-17 battery whose discharge current isabout 17×150%, which is about 25A. If it is 20AH, themaximum discharge current is 30A. This also limits the size of the controller'scurrent limit.


1.It is best not to unplug the charger to use the electric car when it is notfully charged. Also note that:

Turningthe light does not mean that the battery is fully charged at this time, almostonly 95%-99%, you need to continue to float for 2-3 hours to fill it.

2,to do timely charging, idle time is best not to exceed 12 hours, whileincreasing the corresponding floating charge time.

3,the use of less, it is best to use 50% -80% and then recharge, which isbeneficial to extend battery life.

4.After one year of battery use, it is best to charge the constant current onceevery 2 months. The current is C/15 and the time is 20 hours.

5,less weight, do not drive too fast, reduce the battery discharge current.

6.Slowly accelerate and reduce the impact of large current on the battery,controller and motor.

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