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RC Model Beattry

rather stronger than you thought

Solar Battery

Collect sunshine in case of rainy days

Electric Bike Battery

Start your journey with fully
involved heart

Portable Energy Storage

A power energy supply machine can be used for many fields

Look Ahead

Let’s endeavor and grow together with you to create a more green and convenient world.

Managerial Concept
"Customer experience comes first" is our company value. We have strict quality management system, advanced quality of products, first-class service.
Conduct Code
Pursue not only sincere working attitude   but also initiative, positive service.We always prepare to go above and beyond the call of duty.
About us

About us

About us

In order to meet the short-term requirements of cross-border e-commerce delivery, Shenzhen Marketing Center has established 1200 square meters of e-commerce warehousing in Putian Shangxue Technology City.
Service telephone number
service time:9:00-18:00
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Company address3rd Floor, Building E, No.9, East Side of Shangxue S&T park, Bantian Area, Longgang district,Shenzhen,GuangDong,China Phone number:0086 18874926655 Manager's email